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7 Tips to Build a Business While Working a Day Job

Starting a Business

It’s the American Dream. Own a house with a white picket fence, a couple of kids, and owning a business. Leaving a 9 to 5 for one’s passion sounds amazing. What about staying at the job, and starting a business? Many people have to continue to work at their regular jobs while starting their entrepreneurial journey of business ownership. Talk about a stressful time. Well, below are 7 steps for starting a business while working a job, hopefully, they help and like #6 says, stay positive and don’t give up.

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7 Tips for Starting a Business

Nobody said your goal of having a multi-million dollar empire isn’t going to be an easy one. Especially working a full-time job already.employee to entrepreneur is crucial. This seems like a hard place an entrepreneur can be but with a strong Why, following these tips, and by creating a strong mastermind group, you should be alright. Here are 7 actions steps while you are on your journey to business success. Good luck!

1. Research. Making a plan is always the first goal but before that I believe knowing yourself, and exactly where and why you want to go the direction you do is important. Researching as much as possible in the beginning is vital to understand everything you need to know. Knowing your industry, the competitors, your peers, who your target audience is, your customers, research on past business and how they have done, and anything else. The more you know, the better off you will be. Start thinking of what is driving you to start this business. Connecting with your Why is the most important first step you can take.

2. Why. Commit yourself to your dream. Have a reason for starting your business. Many times this may be one’s children, someone’s family, or something personal. It is your Why that is extremely important. What drives you? When you commit to your dream, you are making a binding obligation to see it through to the bitter end. Some people are motivated by love, some people by money, and some by jealousy and hatred. Whatever your reason, knowing what motivates and drives you is what will keep you focused and committed to your dream when times get difficult.

3. Where is the business going? Create a personal vision for your business. Where will the business be in 5 years, what value do you offer your customers, who are your customers.
Think about what you want in your business a year from now and write it down. Be very specific and detailed. Describe in great detail in the present tense your ideal day, what activities you engage in, who your customers/clients are, how many customers/clients you have and what your monthly income is. This part is important, by reading your vision aloud, its turns this thought into a thing. Your business becomes tangible.

4. Network. Join a group. This may be uncomfortable at first but will be worth it. I love this one. My favorite author is Napoleon Hill who says this every book. A mastermind group is a mentoring group that meets regularly to support each other, brainstorm ideas and share advice and work through challenges together. A group like this is great for helping you remain accountable. You do not have to go in person but it does help. Start by finding a telephone conference or an internet type meeting where you do not have to worry about the embarrassment or what not. When you get to the point where you feel at ease, then take the next step and go to a live event.

5. Development and/or learning.
Do not stop learning. There is too much to learn and many trades that can be beneficial for anyone to learn. Constantly work on personal development by listening to audio CDs of inspirational things. You could even learn a language. Think about all the time people spend inside of their vehicle, now imagine all that time spent learning a new language. This time, adds up. A 30-minute commute one way, with a full-time job, amounts to 260 hours in a year which would easily add up to a semester in college. Research and study anything you can find that is pertinent to your business. With the internet today, there is so much to learn online.

6. Remain positive.
Do not get discouraged and remember the long-term goal here. Also, by remaining positive, it keeps positivity close to you. Negativity breeds negativity. Bad things are energy draining.

7. Set goals and remain determined. Start off with daily goals and work your way to longer, possibly year long goals. Take small steps each day toward your goal. There is going to be tuff times, but remember your Why and stay strong. The tedious steps in the beginning will soon disappear, especially when the time comes to start your business. Each small steps gets the body used to doing this as it becomes 2nd nature. Also, remain vigilant in your progress towards your Why.


Business Conclusion 

Creating a business will be an exciting task and one I hope everyone succeeds at. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as succeeding your way to the top. Many people throughout history are prime examples of failing their way to the top. Look at Donald Trump for example. He has filed bankruptcy many times and is possibly the next President of the United States.Learn from your mistakes, and hopefully from others as well. Especially if you are already working a 9-5, or any full-time job while starting your own venture, just be sure to balance the tasks at hand and do not be afraid to ask for help.


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Event Planning Business

You Want to Start an Event Planning Business?

Event planning

Event planning is the process of managing a project such as a meeting, tradeshow, get together, ceremony, a team building activity, party, convention, and conferences. Event planning is establishing the plan, budgeting, establishing the timeline, booking the venue, obtaining any necessary permits, catering (food and beverage), developing the theme, speakers, arranging transportation for the group, facilities, managing risk, and making a contingency plan or backup plan. The planning phase also includes solving any problems that may arise and hopefully before any occur.

A strong event planner can multitask, handle multiple tasks at the same time, problem solve, be organized, have exceptionally personable skills, can delegate in an efficient and professional manner, remain current in the event marketing industry laws throughout the country, read body language well, make a contingency plan if needed, and predict potential problem that may occur.

Event planning, event marketing, and experiential marketing is mostly an exciting career. Constant change keeps us busy, attending many fun events is cool, and making our own schedule is awesome as well. Event planners assist a range of customers by planning, organizing, and generally facilitating medium- and large-sized events. Events can range from weddings to corporate gatherings, to large family reunions. Event planners are often tasked with providing travel and lodging accommodations for guests in addition to coordinating the event itself. An event planning business can be highly profitable, and the startup expenses can be surprisingly low. Many event planning companies have failed as well.

Business Licenses

Nevada has different laws than other states so depending on where you are from, check with your local registrar. As with most businesses, you will need to register your business name in your state and obtain any business licenses required at the state and local level. If you plan to employ anyone, workers’ compensation insurance is a must. General liability insurance is vital as well because you and your staff will be responsible for setting up physical spaces at events. Lawyers here can  be helpful yet expensive. Here are the basics and some of the pitfalls you may encounter as a new event planner.

Marketing Needs

Marketing budgets vary greatly especially in the early stages of business. Depending on your goals, put aside a significant amount, purchase ads and track the results to make sure you get the most value for your money. Business cards, pamphlets, brochures, and other forms of marketing are needed to advertise and reach your target audience. Invest in premium advertisements in phone books and other searchable resources.


Relationships and bridges you have built will play a key role in your marketing. “Your network is your net worth,” they say. Some businesses can trade your services instead of paying for advertising which could be mutually beneficial.


Event  planning businesses can be very exciting in the early stages. Do not fret the small stuff. As the business owner, consider handling accounting duties, tax preparation, hiring and firing, recruiting and other administrative activities yourself until the business is consistently profitable.

Startup Fun

Jump into the fire! Get involved in your niche. If it’s event marketing, start applying for some promo jobs. Take some event management classes.

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They say to have about 3 months of expenses covered which includes rent, lighting, electricity, and any other overhead you have.

Mark Twain Quote


Some interesting event marketing statistics are:

  1. The average planner manages 37 events each year.
  2. Over 100,000 meeting planners are employed in the U.S.—and the industry is growing faster than the average across growth rate of all other industries.
  3. Washington D.C. has the highest concentration of event planners in the US.
  4. The average planner spends over 100 hours each year on site visits alone.
  5. 61% of planners still record information primarily with pen and paper.
  6. 50% of planners said the primary way they source events is online.

Starting an event planning or event marketing company may seem easy but it is harder than it looks, and to be honest, you’re really heading towards an uphill battle. I truly hope you are successful, but those are the stats. Would it stop me from starting a company if that was my goal, absolutely not! The most important thing any business owner can do is research. Find out all the possible information you can on your niche. This will also help you become an expert in your field. See what your competitors are doing, and do better. The game plan or strategy is the most important step you can make I’m starting your own business.


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Quora Tips

11 Awesome Quora Tips for Look Like A Social Media Professional


Quora is one of my favorite social media sites. It’s a Q&A website where the users have control over asking questions, answering questions, editing, and organizing these questions. Quora was founded in June 2009 by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever and has been gaining in popularity. What I enjoy the most about it, is there are no business accounts so everything you do, is all solo. You get rewarded for writing quality answered by the other users which make it a user-friendly website. Here are 11 amazing tips to help anyone get started on Quora. They also have their own blog section which I should do a post on. Anyways, follow me when you get there. Quora.

“The consumer is not a moron, she is your wife.” – by David Oglivy

11 Quora Tips

  1. Profile. Fill out the profile section to the best of your ability. Don’t forget to add the 4 or 5 social media accounts you can link. It is important to fill out your bios so people know what topics you like to answer. Once you start answering questions, you will start to get noticed for your niche and quickly gain followers.
  2. Quora blog. Quora has its own blog section which I highly recommend. I personally try to make a blog post out of every question I answer but it can be difficult at times. Although it may seem like just another blog, oh well. So far I have 5 links from it and I admit that I am not the best writer in the world.
  3. Be social. Quora is a social media website so be social. Ask questions, answer questions, edit questions, and organize them as well. If you like the answer, give it an upvote. If the user didn’t try, give them a downvote. Follow people who have answers you like. Also, comment to others and reply to comments on your posts.
  4. Ask questions. Ask questions that are helpful to your niche as well as answering some. Try to vary as well because you do not have to stick to your niche. The beauty of Quora is you can ask questions of any substance.
  5. Answer questions. Answer questions especially in your niche. If you can get to the top 3 writer you get a medal by your name which is a cool achievement which adds to your credibility. Target your niche to become an expert within your niche. Reach the top 3 and you’ll get a medal next to your name.
  6. Bio. You can have 5 different bios I believe so fill them all out so you get a variety of questions to answer. My 5 bios are experiential marketing, guerrilla marketing, event planning, Las Vegas, and chess as of right now.
  7. Upvote and downvote. If you like an answer then give it an upvote, but only downvote an answer that you feel the Quora user didn’t put any effort into it. Don’t downvote an answer you disagree with. This helps the other users categorize questions and answers as well.
  8. Real name. Quora users will get to know you by your name since Quora doesn’t cater to business, but to users. They don’t like self-promotion either so you have to promote kinda secretly.
  9. New ideas. Find new and trending ideas to find new questions and better answers.  This will help you spice things up with relevant topics.
  10. Track topics. Track topics in your niche by using google alerts. This way you can get an alert for a question or answer and be the 1st person to respond. There are a lot of benefits for being 1st as well such as not having to compete against other answers.
  11. Don’t give up. At first, you won’t get a lot of views because as a new user, you don’t have a lot of reach at first. The more questions you ask and answer, the more credibility you have, the more views you’ll receive. Answer thoroughly and use good pictures. Also, do some research and anything you use to collect data, list your sources. Quora users prefer long, well-written answers.

Cool Quora Statistic: Quora has a whopping, 1.5 million monthly visitors!

Quora Conclusion

I hope these 11 tips helped. I personally love Quora. Asking any question that normally wouldn’t be politically correct, or questions that could be inappropriate in the business place are perfect for Quora. I’m proud to say I reached the Top 10 writers in the Event Marketing Industry and have received a cool medal next to my name. This helps with credibility. Don’t forget to use Quora analytics as well and you definitely want to blog. Happy Quora using.

Quora’s Mission Statement: Quora’s mission is to share and grow the world’s knowledge. A vast amount of the knowledge that would be valuable to many people is currently only available to a few — either locked in people’s heads or only accessible to select groups.


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11 Awesome LinkedIn Tips to Look Like A Social Media Professional

LinkedIn, 14 years old

LinkedIn is a business savvy, social media website. It was founded in December 2002 but wasn’t launched until May 2003. It has over 425 million users with over 100 million active users. A recent development during 2016, Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $$26.2 billion.When I 1st signed up for LinkedIn, I remember being a little reluctant. Now I log into it at least 1 time a day. To me, it’s a more professional Facebook and has Slideshare and other cool features. Don’t forget to follow me on LinkedIn. Anyways, here are 11 tips that will help you on LinkedIn.
Profile Picture: 400 x 400

Cover Picture: 1000 x 425

.4000 x 4000

Company logo: 100 x 60

Company banner picture: 646 x 220

Company career cover pic:  974 x 300

11 LinkedIn Tips

  1. Profile. Use keywords from your niche. Add a catchy title, use keywords from your niche, be specific, and paint a picture for your audience. Remember to use your 1st impression to your advantage.
  2. Quality pictures. Pictures can say a lot about you. People say that the pictures show your characteristics so take the time to use good pictures. Great pictures also make you more professional looking.
  3. Profile. Profile filled in 100% and professionally. This is the #1 turn-off for hiring managers. Incomplete profiles look like you don’t care about it. Do yourself a favor and fill it out thoroughly. You want your profile meter on the right of your profile to say: All-Star.
  4. Join groups. Join groups in your niche or anything that interests you. This is a great place to meet people with similar interests. The network here, and you may be talking to your next boss. Also, you want to connect and network with like-minded individuals and people who have common interests as you as well.
  5. Slideshare. Make some Slideshare presentations about your niche and publish them on your profile. This shows your expertise and will show potential employers of what you can do. Slideshare will help you stand-out from the crowd and will also bring your expertise in your niche come to light.
  6. Publish posts. Like in #5, this helps potential employers know what you’re made of. If you blog, publish your posts here as well. Publishing posts will help you stand-out from the crowd, and gain you credibility as an expert.
  7. Be authentic. Be yourself. People can tell when someone isn’t being sincere. Engage with others. Answer questions, thank people, reply to posts, join groups, and endorse people you know. People can tell when someone isn’t being sincere and that is a huge turn-off.
  8. Add all 50 skills. People can’t endorse your skill of it’s not there. Arrange them in order from the most important, to least important. Add all 50 skills.
  9. Don’t give up. I have said this on many Top 11 Tips posts but do not give up. It is sad because so many people end up quitting in life, right before they reached the goal they truly wanted. The worst part is you will never know.
  10. Be social. Be active. LinkedIn is a social media website so be social and active. Post every day, join groups and be active. Participate in the chats, you will be surprised, you might just be talking to your next boss.
  11. Use the free analytics. Update your profile, use quality pictures, make your profile SEO friendly, add a catchy title, endorse others and ask to be endorsed, publish posts to gain credibility, check your analytics to see where you stand amongst other connections. If you have a business add a business page.
Experiential Marketing Team
LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn Conclusion

LinkedIn can be a very useful social media website if done correctly. Just be as professional as possible, make sure to complete your profile, double check your grammar and punctuation, and enjoy LinkedIn. I know I have. I enjoy LinkedIn now and I really enjoy Slideshare and Groups. Follow me on LinkedIn when you get there. Follow our company page there as well. Experiential Marketing Team. I hope these 11 tips helped. If I forgot some that you would like me to add, comment below or email us.
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Social Media Marketing

11 Awesome Instagram Tips to Look Like A Social Media Professional


I love Instagram. Follow me on Instagram by the way. Finally, I realize how important Instagram is for business. Especially having quality pictures, so that is why I’m starting to devote more time to getting these, “quality pictures.” With Instagram passing $500 million users, it is one of the top social media apps to date. I remember when Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion, now I just a report stating they will earn over $1 billion this year just in ad revenue. Now that’s a great investment. With over 95 million pictures being uploaded a day, I’m actually slowly becoming an Instagram fan. Below is a list of 11 tips to help you use Instagram better.

Profile picture: 110 x 110

Square picture: 510 x 510

Landscape image in feed: 600 x 450

Portrait image in feed: 1080 x 1350

The Instagram app I just started using to pre-schedule my posts is called Later.

11 Instagram Tips

  1. Business account. There are regular Instagram accounts and business accounts. Make sure to get the business account for the added analytics and benefits you receive.
  2. Profile complete. Make sure your profile is complete and as professional as possible. In the profile section, you have a spot where they let you put a website so if you don’t have your own, personal website yet, you can use a free site like Tumblr, Blogspot, or WordPress. If you don’t have any of these, add your Facebook or Twitter  account for now.
  3. Brand strategy. Set up a strategy or business plan before you start so you don’t aimlessly post. Example: Monday Motivation: maybe a quote each Monday. Tuesday Tip: maybe a tip for whatever your niche is. This way your followers can and will expect a certain type of post from you each day. Also by knowing your strategy ahead of time, this can help you stay organized.
  4. Branded pictures. Make your brand identifiable by using the same or similar picture editing tools on your pictures. This helps because users will start to get used to your branding just from the writing and colors you use, also from the editing on your pictures will help distinguish yourself from other business’.
  5. Incentivize followers. Host a photo contest or a follow type contest. Example: for every 100 likes I’ll pick a random follower a $25 gift card etc. Have followers hashtag your business with photos and the best photograph can win $100. This not only expands your reach, helps your hashtag out, adds new followers, gets more likes, and gets more followers.
  6. Engage. Just like the contest in #4. Contests help with being social on Instagram. This also helps your followers feel apart of the team and will stay with you. They say that is what people want the most, to be a part of something. Engagement has become so important since the search engine optimization changes earlier this year. Make sure you thank your followers who liked the picture, reply to any or all comments on your pictures and engage your users by, maybe asking questions.
  7. Quality pictures. Make sure you are consistent with posting and with the quality of your pictures. As the online community becomes more and more competitive, the quality goes up with it. Quality pictures say a lot about you and your business, if you use blurry, ugly pictures, your users won’t think you care. By using nice, high-quality pictures shows you care.
  8. Custom shortened link. Use Bit.ly to make a custom, shortened link just for your Instagram account so you can use and track the analytics. Use this in your profile as well. Mine is Bit.ly.Bit.ly is just 1 of many URL shortening companies out there.
  9. Use apps. Use some helpful apps like Iconosquare and Webstagram to help with analytics and tracking important data. Using analytics helps you learn what is and what isn’t working. Auto posting app – Later.
  10. Hashtags. Websta.me/hot and other great apps will help you with finding the top hashtags for whatever your niche is. Also a trick a lot of companies use is placing all the hashtags in the comments because of the unlimited space you get. It is known that the more hashtags you use on Instagram, the more engagement a picture receives.
  11. Don’t give up. Keep at it. Also, videos are where the social media world is heading so practice with videos so you don’t get left behind. Also, embed a picture and/or videos to your blog and website.
Instagram Statistic: Today, (June 21, 2016) we’re excited to announce our community has grown to more than 500 million Instagrammers — more than 300 million of whom use Instagram every single day. Our community also continues to become even more global, with more than 80 percent living outside of the United States. – from Instagram Blog 

I enjoy Instagram 

The more I use Instagram, the more I enjoy using it. I realized that if you try to tell a story with Instagram, it starts to feel more natural. Instagram videos is where the social media world is heading so don’t forget to get some practice in. If there are any tips I forget just comment below or email us at experientialmarketingteam@gmail.com. I hope this helped and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram.


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Snapchat Snapcode Tip

Snapchat: Make an Amazing Custom Snapcode in 1 Minute

Snapchat: Most Popular Application Today?

Snapchat’s Snapcodes are easier than ever to make. Don’t get discouraged, I will show you how to in less than 1 minute. But email me if you need help with it, I won’t bite. Email me at experientialmarketingteam@gmail.com if you would like me to do it for you. Add me on Snapchat when you log on as well. My Snapchat username is @experientialinc.

Mark Twain Quote
:The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” – by Mark Twain


Snapchat Tips: Adding Users 

  1. You can add users by scanning these Snapcodes right from the Snapchat camera now. This makes it very easy to add other people now.
  2. You can scan it from a picture as well
  3. If you have their username, just type it in from the app.
  4. Http://www.snapchat.com/add/experientialinc 


Snapchat is the fastest growing social media app out. I have to admit, I wasn’t a huge fan of the application. It wasn’t until my girlfriend’s little sister showed us how to swap faces that I saw the excitement of the app. Then the “Rainbow Tongues.” Lol. Who doesn’t love that? Now, I can see why business’ would want to incorporate Snapchat into their marketing strategy, but not yet the personal side.

Making a Custom Snapcode Is Easy

  1. Before anything, you will need to have a Snapchat account.
  2. From a desktop, go to the Snapchat home page. Under Community, click on Snapcode! Or put this is your browser, “https://accounts.snapchat.com/accounts/snapcodes.”
  3. Download your Snapcode. You will get a zipped file with 3 items. A pdf file, a document, and instructions on the guidelines from Snapchat. Snapcode_Guidelines
  4. Get a Canva account. Just upload your pdf or document to Canva. I can write an entire book on how amazing Canva is, but I will do that another time.
  5. Now that you have a Snapcode and a Canva account, just upload your Snapcode in the canva app and POOF! There you go!

Snapchat Conclusion

Do you need help making Snapchat’s custom Snapcode for your business or personal profile? Well, send me an email at experientialmarketingteam@gmail.com with “Snapcode” in the subject line. I will need a picture of your Snapcode (see the steps above) and the 2nd picture of whatever you want to use and colors etc.

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5 Tips for Starting an Event Management Career

Event management careers are exciting, nonetheless.

The event management industry is a rapidly growing industry where many marketing and advertising companies are starting to pay some attention too. The publicity is amazing, helping the event industry fast track to the future.

  1. $1,000,000 exhibits
  2. Virtual Reality Fight Clubs

Isn’t there a sale at Bed Bath & Beyond for a seat cushion for your work chair.

I’m not complaining, though. I know you attended an event when you were a kid. Assemblies count today.


5 industry tips to break into event marketing.

***  Quora answer [1] ***

  1. Event marketing. What is interesting about an event management career is that it is a fast paced, ever changing industry so you will definitely not be bored. You will be able to attend many events. EDC Las Vegas is going on right now. That sounds like fun to me.
  2. Keep learning.To be successful in the field, you will have to gain the trust of the community along with building your resume as well. Your reputation precedes you! It is a very small community where everyone knows each other. The more experience you have, the more successful that event will be, therefore improving your reputation. Breaking into the event management field as a graduate isn’t as hard as one would think. Just start pounding the pavement with applications for event management and as regular event staff. Your resume will stand out to most hiring managers
  3. Business plan. This seems basic enough but is commonly overlooked and undervalued. Making a plan of action gives you something to work towards and helps you stay organized.
  4. Research. After you write out your plan, set some reasonable goals and head out to obtain them. Start out with smaller goals until it gets easier. Going into any business, you should really know the ins and outs of the industry, find out who the top influencers are, and position yourself as a professional in your particular niche.
  5. Network. Everywhere you go you should be networking. Be active on social media and try to stay current with the event marketing news. By remaining active within your niche, you’ll continue to gain valuable experience while building a following, email lists with potential clients, and learn.
Experiential Marketing Team
Experiential Marketing Team

We aren’t going anywhere!

Don’t give up. Whatever you do, do not give up and be patient. Most business’ fail. This is a sad fact but you cannot give up. Stay focused and remain resilient because it is going to be a bumpy ride. Also, by staying positive, you’ll attract similar people and they do say to network and associuate with like-minded people. Hope you all enjoyed. Thank you all!


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