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10 Amazing Tips for Promo Model Success

Promo model, brand ambassadors, product specialists, event marketers, and talent are all the same thing. Promotional models provide the company with a professional, brand advocate to market their product.

Promo models, brand ambassadors, product specialists, whatever you like to call it, it’s all the same. Product specialists provide companies with an advocate to promote their products in a professional, and positive experience. Ideally, an experience, making the customer experience something positive and memorable during a promotion, is the essence of experiential marketing. Throughout the years, I picked many valuable gems to help me stay booked full time so I have listed them here.


Below is a list of 10 tips for the beginner just getting into the event industry, to the professional with over 10 years experience.

  1. Email handle. We have all had some crazy names when we made our 1st email account in elementary school. Or is that in middle school I made my first Hotmail account? I don’t remember, but anyways, marketing managers given a choice between a johndoe@hotmail.com or smokeweederrrday@hotmail.com, they’re going with John Doe more than likely. It is simply more professional. Change it or get a better email handle. You can set up a free email account at Gmail, MSN, Yahoo, or AOL. Just go to either link, http://www.hotmail.com or http://www.gmail.com for a 100%, free account.
  2. Email signature. An email signature will help you stand out from the pack of the already professional photo having, experiential marketing managing gurus and are extremely easy with websites that specialize in email signatures. There is no coding, just simply type in your personal info and it will save it to your email. They say to not write your email addresses in your signature because it is self-explanatory but I like to. A great website for this is WisestampEmail Signature
  3. Save documents. Save all important documents for future reference, especially contracts any w-2 or I-9 information. If you are unfamiliar with Dropbox, Overdrive, Google Drive, even iCloud, well they are storage for pictures and documents and saves you a ton of room in storage. As stated in #1 with starting an email account, Onedrive comes with Outlook and Google Drive comes with Gmail. With important info such as your 1099 forms or contracts, information sheets, schedules, and any payment info. Seems like common sense but I haven’t, not gotten paid for any event but it does happen.
  4. Network. Join Facebook groups & LinkedIn groups. Every convention you go too, grabs everyone’s cards, every booth’s cards, and hopefully every guest’s card, of course if it’s possible. Read the contract and if you don’t have one you definitely should. Here are my personal group from Facebook. Facebook Group – TEAM of Las Vegas

    Facebook Group Picture
    Join this Facebook group! Click Here. Facebook Group
  5. Reply fast. Reply fast and efficiently. Be professional as possible at all times. Answer your phone professionally. You ever notice when you miss a call from an employer whom you recently applied, and when you call back, they never answer or it goes straight to voice mail. That’s because they’re on the phone with someone who answers their phone and probably the very person taking your spot. I understand everyone is very busy, but just be mindful, and try to be as quick as possible. The more practice you get, the easier it becomes.

    3 Feet From Gold
    3 Feet from Gold
  6. Don’t give up. There have been many times I have applied for 10 things in one day. Half are probably looking for only females, but I don’t care. Keep applying! Here is a book everyone should read called “3 Feet From Gold” by Sharon Lechter. Just do not give up, I can’t stress to you enough. Usually, when people give up, they don’t realize how close they actually were. The sad thing is, they will never know that the very next email would have gotten them their 60k a year career!

    Resume - Canva
    I got this template from Canva and switched it around etc.
  7. Professional pictures and resume. Get a professional head shot and body shot if possible. Another mistake people make is to not keep it updated. Please do not take a selfie. If you have to save up for a professional photographer, then meanwhile, use a nice, professional looking picture, with a solid background for now. Facebook lets you use 5 pictures to display to your audience. 3-4 is good enough I believe. I personally send a headshot, body shot, and a couple of work pictures preferably showing relevant experience to whatever position I am applying for. Do not get discouraged if you do not have a professional headshot. For a long time, when I first started, I was using a picture from my brother’s wedding. Now for the resume, there are a lot of resume templates out there so it should be very easy to make a decent one. The one I am using at the moment is a template I got from Canva.com and changed around quite a bit. Below is a nice mix of pictures I like to send to give the company a nice mix to look over.
  8. Follow instructions. Follow the instructions when you apply. This might seem basic or common sense but you would be surprised. Some ask for a specific subject line in the email so they can auto sort the emails coming in while others ask for a handful of items such is a specific order like name, number, email, and head shots etc. Some companies want you to login thru their portal. Just make sure to pay close attention to what they would like you to do.
  9. Social media. And for social media, well, make your own FB page for promotional modeling which is similar to a portfolio or video real. Social media is here to stay and with videos on the rise, make a video in your email signature. You can also make an easy 1-page resume or website. You do not have to pay when you first start out with websites like Tumblr & WordPress. Another pointer for social media is to stay organized. What I mean is try to use the same handle for all your social media accounts. Almost all of mine are #experientialinc. PinterestTwitterInstagram. Take a look at these 3 for example!
  10. Invest in yourself. Investing in yourself is extremely important. Why wouldn’t you put money into your business, which is yourself? Invest in your website, invests in some quality pictures, exercise, read up on your industry, follow some blogs or other industry leaders. There is so much we can do to improve ourselves it is truly up to the individual. Personal development is an important part of anyone who is successful. Also, as an Independent Contractor or freelancer, you are hired as your own entity. You might as well reap the benefits from owning your own business and many, many tax write-offs. Business cards are always nice. Something someone taught me a long time ago was to think about how much time we spend driving everywhere. This could easily be an hour a day for me, but why not turn it into a university or classroom by listening to audio cassettes for some informative and educational topics.

Promo model work is increasingly becoming more popular as experiential marketing is becoming the go-to form of advertising.

There are so many resources available to us nowadays with the internet and social media being implemented within most forms of advertising and marketing today. These are just a quick list of 10 tips that helped me transition to doing experiential marketing full time. If you have any you would like to add, feel free to email me at experientialmarketingteam@gmail.com or comment below.

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