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7 Tips to Build a Business While Working a Day Job

Starting a Business

It’s the American Dream. Own a house with a white picket fence, a couple of kids, and owning a business. Leaving a 9 to 5 for one’s passion sounds amazing. What about staying at the job, and starting a business? Many people have to continue to work at their regular jobs while starting their entrepreneurial journey of business ownership. Talk about a stressful time. Well, below are 7 steps for starting a business while working a job, hopefully, they help and like #6 says, stay positive and don’t give up.

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7 Tips for Starting a Business

Nobody said your goal of having a multi-million dollar empire isn’t going to be an easy one. Especially working a full-time job already.employee to entrepreneur is crucial. This seems like a hard place an entrepreneur can be but with a strong Why, following these tips, and by creating a strong mastermind group, you should be alright. Here are 7 actions steps while you are on your journey to business success. Good luck!

1. Research. Making a plan is always the first goal but before that I believe knowing yourself, and exactly where and why you want to go the direction you do is important. Researching as much as possible in the beginning is vital to understand everything you need to know. Knowing your industry, the competitors, your peers, who your target audience is, your customers, research on past business and how they have done, and anything else. The more you know, the better off you will be. Start thinking of what is driving you to start this business. Connecting with your Why is the most important first step you can take.

2. Why. Commit yourself to your dream. Have a reason for starting your business. Many times this may be one’s children, someone’s family, or something personal. It is your Why that is extremely important. What drives you? When you commit to your dream, you are making a binding obligation to see it through to the bitter end. Some people are motivated by love, some people by money, and some by jealousy and hatred. Whatever your reason, knowing what motivates and drives you is what will keep you focused and committed to your dream when times get difficult.

3. Where is the business going? Create a personal vision for your business. Where will the business be in 5 years, what value do you offer your customers, who are your customers.
Think about what you want in your business a year from now and write it down. Be very specific and detailed. Describe in great detail in the present tense your ideal day, what activities you engage in, who your customers/clients are, how many customers/clients you have and what your monthly income is. This part is important, by reading your vision aloud, its turns this thought into a thing. Your business becomes tangible.

4. Network. Join a group. This may be uncomfortable at first but will be worth it. I love this one. My favorite author is Napoleon Hill who says this every book. A mastermind group is a mentoring group that meets regularly to support each other, brainstorm ideas and share advice and work through challenges together. A group like this is great for helping you remain accountable. You do not have to go in person but it does help. Start by finding a telephone conference or an internet type meeting where you do not have to worry about the embarrassment or what not. When you get to the point where you feel at ease, then take the next step and go to a live event.

5. Development and/or learning.
Do not stop learning. There is too much to learn and many trades that can be beneficial for anyone to learn. Constantly work on personal development by listening to audio CDs of inspirational things. You could even learn a language. Think about all the time people spend inside of their vehicle, now imagine all that time spent learning a new language. This time, adds up. A 30-minute commute one way, with a full-time job, amounts to 260 hours in a year which would easily add up to a semester in college. Research and study anything you can find that is pertinent to your business. With the internet today, there is so much to learn online.

6. Remain positive.
Do not get discouraged and remember the long-term goal here. Also, by remaining positive, it keeps positivity close to you. Negativity breeds negativity. Bad things are energy draining.

7. Set goals and remain determined. Start off with daily goals and work your way to longer, possibly year long goals. Take small steps each day toward your goal. There is going to be tuff times, but remember your Why and stay strong. The tedious steps in the beginning will soon disappear, especially when the time comes to start your business. Each small steps gets the body used to doing this as it becomes 2nd nature. Also, remain vigilant in your progress towards your Why.


Business Conclusion 

Creating a business will be an exciting task and one I hope everyone succeeds at. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as succeeding your way to the top. Many people throughout history are prime examples of failing their way to the top. Look at Donald Trump for example. He has filed bankruptcy many times and is possibly the next President of the United States.Learn from your mistakes, and hopefully from others as well. Especially if you are already working a 9-5, or any full-time job while starting your own venture, just be sure to balance the tasks at hand and do not be afraid to ask for help.


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