5 Tips for Starting an Event Management Career

Event management careers are exciting, nonetheless.

The event management industry is a rapidly growing industry where many marketing and advertising companies are starting to pay some attention too. The publicity is amazing, helping the event industry fast track to the future.

  1. $1,000,000 exhibits
  2. Virtual Reality Fight Clubs

Isn’t there a sale at Bed Bath & Beyond for a seat cushion for your work chair.

I’m not complaining, though. I know you attended an event when you were a kid. Assemblies count today.


5 industry tips to break into event marketing.

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  1. Event marketing. What is interesting about an event management career is that it is a fast paced, ever changing industry so you will definitely not be bored. You will be able to attend many events. EDC Las Vegas is going on right now. That sounds like fun to me.
  2. Keep learning.To be successful in the field, you will have to gain the trust of the community along with building your resume as well. Your reputation precedes you! It is a very small community where everyone knows each other. The more experience you have, the more successful that event will be, therefore improving your reputation. Breaking into the event management field as a graduate isn’t as hard as one would think. Just start pounding the pavement with applications for event management and as regular event staff. Your resume will stand out to most hiring managers
  3. Business plan. This seems basic enough but is commonly overlooked and undervalued. Making a plan of action gives you something to work towards and helps you stay organized.
  4. Research. After you write out your plan, set some reasonable goals and head out to obtain them. Start out with smaller goals until it gets easier. Going into any business, you should really know the ins and outs of the industry, find out who the top influencers are, and position yourself as a professional in your particular niche.
  5. Network. Everywhere you go you should be networking. Be active on social media and try to stay current with the event marketing news. By remaining active within your niche, you’ll continue to gain valuable experience while building a following, email lists with potential clients, and learn.
Experiential Marketing Team
Experiential Marketing Team

We aren’t going anywhere!

Don’t give up. Whatever you do, do not give up and be patient. Most business’ fail. This is a sad fact but you cannot give up. Stay focused and remain resilient because it is going to be a bumpy ride. Also, by staying positive, you’ll attract similar people and they do say to network and associuate with like-minded people. Hope you all enjoyed. Thank you all!


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