11 Top Pinterest Tips to Make You a Social Media Manager

Pinterest, my visual, bookmarking social media website

Pinterest is a photograph, social network that allows the user to “pin” any image they want. You “pin” these images in groups to a “board” on Pinterest. On the other hand, you can browse to see what the other users have “pinned” to whichever “board” they wanted to. Pinterest is by far, my favorite social media website. I am a visual learner, hence my love for Pinterest. I would rather look at pictures all day personally. What fascinates me about Pinterest is that it is up to the individual to post whatever they wish. Also, it doesn’t matter who you follow, or who follows yourself.

11 Pinterest Tips

Anyways, here are 11 Top Pinterest Tips to Make You a Social Media Manager! Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest. Also. if you would like to join my Experiential Marketing Board or Guerrilla Marketing Board, email me at experientialmarketingteam@gmail.com.

  1. Business account. Get a business account for your Pinterest. You can start over or convert your original account. I switched accounts knowing it would be better to restart but oh well. A business account also gives you the added benefit of analytics to help you measure results and will verify your account.
  2. Pin smart. Do not just pin any and everything you see. Make sure it has a good link and is completely filled out. Also, you will want to make sure the origin of a repin has a correct web address. A great tip is to make sure everything you pin has amazing picture quality.
  3. Be social. Pinterest is a social media site so BE SOCIAL. Comment on pins, reply to other comments, like others, and follow others. Network with fellow Pinterest users and you will soon find your way to “Group Boards.” Group boards are great because instead of 1 person pinning to a specific board, you have multiple peeople. A good app. to see all group boards is Pin Groupie.
  4. Pin consistently. Pin, pin, pin! They say around %20 should be pinned from your own website or content, and the other %80 should be Repins and Pins from other sites. Like all the pins you Save and Pin them as well. Pinning videos are gaining in popularity so keep an eye on that as well.
  5. Pinterest browser extension. Get a Pinterest browser extension for Chrome to Pin directly from your website, and other social media sites. This gives you a shortcut to Pin images with 1 click of a button and males the process a lot easier.
  6. Secret boards. Utilize secret boards especially before you publish. This is handy when you don’t have time, and want to get back to the Pin later on in the day. Also, by utilizing the secret boards, you position your boards in a way, where you can play around or even test pins with live boards.
  7. Niche. Create boards around your niche, especially for your business account. This gives your followers an idea of what kind of content they will get by following you.
  8. Pin rich and quality pictures. Make sure to pin content rich pins and amazing pictures to each board to attract the right kind of following that you want.
  9. Complete information. Make sure all your information on your profile is up to date and accurate. They say first impressions count, well you only have a few seconds for any person to form a good opinion of you so fill out all the information in its entirety and make sure it is good quality.
  10. Group boards. Add people to your boards and accept invites to group boards. Safety in numbers and synergy is correct. It is easier to get things done as a team. They come in handy especially when it’s with people in your own niche. there are some “Spammy” looking Group Boards that I have recently left, I would just leave these boards or avoid them. It is not worth a negative or spammy link in the backend. I noticed some boards where they allow you to “Pin Anything” type of boards, avoid those ones as well.
  11. Mobile app. I find most of these apps are actually easier to use from a mobile device. Once you get used to it, Pinterest on the mobile device is very easy to use. Happy Pinteresting folks!
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“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” – by H. Jackson Brown Jr.


Pinterest is a visual, bookmarking tool. This social media website is in my top 3. My favorite social media app. for Pinterest is Tailwind App. Here is a FREE $15.00 to use towards Tailwind. Not only are the analytics amazing themselves, try some outside apps that help out the process such as pin-automation. The most popular app at the time is Tailwind. This app is free to use as well. My 2nd favorite app. for Pinterest is PinGroupie which is great for people looking for the best and most active group boards.

Earn $15 for every new Tailwind user you refer that upgrades to plus! Your friends will also get $15 when they sign up, it’s a win-win! There is no limit to how many friends you can invite or how much you can earn! Tailwind Bonus (Referral Code).

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