What is the Best City to hold a Convention At?

What is the Best City to hold a Convention At? Las Vegas of course!

Everyone loves Las Vegas. Las Vegas is an ideal location for marketing and business professionals alike in the experiential marketing and events industry. An ideal location would be an understatement, though, Las Vegas is simply the best city for holding conventions, meetings, conferences, and exhibit space alike. With over 11,000,000 million square feet of meeting space, over 160,000+ hotel rooms, 3 out of 10 of the countries largest convention venues, almost a quarter million resort industry employees, over 21k meetings, an average of 320 days of sunshine each year, less than 5 inches of rain each year, and many more amazing statistics. What is ironic about having 160,000+ hotel rooms, is that according to 2015 International CES, we broke the record in Las Vegas with this last CES with 176,676 attendees!


CES Record 00001.jpg
176,676 Attendees – Record – CES 2015


Backed by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, (LVCVA),the impact of tourism on our economy in 2015 was around $52 billion dollars. They are also considered one of the most successful public-private partnerships in the country. The LVCVA’s Mission Statement, “To Attract visitors by promoting Las Vegas as the world’s most desirable destination for leisure and business travel,” shows the union we have with them as they provide vital services to the public by contributing to the growth of the economy in all of Southern Nevada.

LVCVA Mission Statement

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®, the owner and producer of the International CES®, announced the attendance at the 2015 International CES reached a record 176,676 industry professionals!

The city of Las Vegas was designed to receive a high volume of tourism for the casinos, tourism, meetings & conferences alike.

Although Las Vegas has been No. 1 for the top convention destination in the country for the past 22 years. This year, according to Cvent, Las Vegas fell to No. 3 behind No. 1 Orlando, Florida and No. 2 Chicago, Ilinois. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “Cvent’s ranking is based on the number of unique requests for proposals received from Cvent customers, total room nights available from host cities, awarded requests for proposals from Cvent clients, awarded room nights, percentage of qualified meeting venues and the number of profile views by Cvent clients.” Regardless of rankings, which are questionable already, everyone wants to go to Las Vegas!

Quote - Las Vegas
“Man, I really like Vegas.” – by Elvis Presley

One of the greatest characteristics of the LVCVA is they are not afraid to try new things out to get ahead of the curve. This is what makes Las Vegas tourism so successful. We have an above ground monorail that connects many of the casinos together, which also goes directly above the Las Vegas Convention Center, Sand’s Expo Transportation can be resolved with the many taxis, limos, personal drivers, apps like Uber & Lyft gaining in popularity. Plus the allure of the lights and the stigma people have of all the exciting things there is to do after convention hours, make for an easy choice. Weather remains pretty much consistent out here as well, although it can get extremely hot at times, we just have to remain hydrated. The beauty of Las Vegas is everything is within a few miles of each other, from McCarran Airport, Las Vegas Convention Center, Sand’s Expo, The Las Vegas Monorail, and now with professional sports teams on the way, Las Vegas is in for some marketing madness! Also, thankfully for the reconstruction and expansion of McCarren Airport, we are able to have more incoming and outgoing flights creating more traffic to our city. These are many of the reasons why we have so many high profile events every year and can break records like CES 2015. The last thing Las Vegas has that many others do not, is we have some of the best experiential marketing companies, event marketing, and guerrilla marketing companies available.

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Keeping Up with trends and growth.

Las Vegas still has a lot of work to do. The growth rate will keep this city busy for a couple years. According to the LVCVA, “We need to expand to remain the top spot for conventions. Expansion and renovation are necessary to remain the No. 1 trade show destination in North America.” So everyone in the event industry has to welcome the chaos that ensues with the constant construction and no more free parking. To compete with other major cities expansion projects, we have the “LVCC District Project.” It is an expansion and renovation of the LVCC to help with the current needs of the city. As of now, the Las Vegas Convention Center is at capacity so a construction project is needed. The project is being managed by the LVCVA’s Owner’s Representative, Cordell Corporation, under 3 separate phases:


  1. Phase One: consists of the acquisition of the 26-acre Riviera Hotel property, demolition of the existing Riviera structures and construction of outdoor exhibit space.
  2. Phase Two: will include the development of a new exhibit hall and its ancillary spaces on the existing LVCC Gold Lot and the Riviera Hotel property.
  3. Phase Three: will be the renovation and alteration of the existing Convention Center.

Now we have to keep Las Vegas a top contender for holding conventions. With the help of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), all our casino and hospitality staff, and all our local event marketing and experiential staff, we should leave in a better position for our future and our children’s future!

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