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Appliance Repair Company Review

Sun City Appliance Repair

Appliance repair companies are all over Las Vegas but finding an honorable, reasonably priced, and honest companies are rare. Sun City Appliance Repair is one of those companies.

Mission Statement:

We do not charge extra to come out to your home on weekends, nights, or even holidays!! We know how important appliances are to our customers and how bad you need them fixed, and fixed at a convenient time for you. We strive to give our service to customers the same day that they call, 7 days a week 365 days a year. That is what keeps us in business, we know how to keep our customers satisfied and that is why our customers choose Sun City Appliance Repair.


Sun City Appliance Repair

Las Vegas, Nevada –

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Event marketing

What is Event Marketing?

Event Marketing or Experiential Marketing lets consumers experience the brand targeting our 5 senses, hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch.

What is Experiential Marketing? Experiential marketing is a form of marketing where the consumer gets to experience the brand. Experiential marketing targets our 5 senses including hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch, and seeing dead people! Focusing on our senses creates a unique bond between the consumer and the brand, ideally leaving a lasting, positive impression. The goal of these companies being: increase brand awareness and secondly, drive sales.

“Experiential Marketing is about crafting experiences for real people — not just so they can have a great experience, but so you can capture them having that experience, and share it through advertising or social.” – Ayni Raimondi from Airb&b

Marketing Goals and Strategies, Budgets, Return on Investment and Measurement, Technology and Social Media

Social media is now being implemented in every facet of experiential marketing. It has become apparent that it is here to stay, and won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon. Check out this article: Why Experiential Marketing and Social Media Go hand-in-Hand by Matt Banner from Heyo! This is the exact reason why so many events and experiential marketing companies are adding this into their arsenal of goals and strategies. According to EventTrack 2015, “6.1% is the amount experiential marketing budgets are increasing by last year. Also, experiential marketing companies are spending more and more money each year as budgets are open up for more funding.” Return on Investment (ROI) and campaign measurements easier to track as technology continues to improve, new platforms and apps make it increasingly easier to accomplish as the event marketing industry grows.

“Experiential Marketing is also known as engagement marketing, sometimes called event marketing, on-ground marketing, live marketing, and participation marketing. This marketing strategy directly invites consumers to participate in the evolution of the brand. Rather than looking at consumers as passive receivers of messages, engagement marketers believe that consumers should be actively involved in the production and co-creation of marketing programs, developing a relationship with the brand.” – Wikipedia.

The Conclusion

Experiential Marketing wants the consumer to eat, breathe, sleep, and love the brand. Experiential is becoming a household term with experiential learning, and the increase of this form of marketing. Although not new, social media, technology, competitiveness among the agencies, and marketers make for the perfect formula for successful activations or campaigns. Some of the ways to measure the results are from social media, social sharing, social impressions, hashtags, new apps every day, and all the amazing analytics that are accessible today. There is just something about being able to feel the advertisement, the experience is where it is at. Some recent companies are Airbnb, Red Bull, Diet Coke, Sony, Carlsberg, and Heineken. We all remember the Budlight commercial where the curly hair guy puts the huge token into the wall. The gentleman and his friends open the huge, mysterious door and start playing a live Pac-man with huge ghosts chasing him. It is rare to drive around Las Vegas and not see signs of this type of marketing like clever ads, crazy billboards, and guerrilla marketing style advertisements. Advertising and marketing have been around for a while now so it is nothing new to us, but the competitiveness of experiential marketing has created a race to the next, best idea that will catch on, maybe go viral, attract the news, or just simply push their companies envelope. This is what experiential and event marketing is all about!

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Event Marketing Blogs

19 Amazing Event Marketing Blogs To Be On The Lookout For

Event Marketing Blogs

Event management and event marketing have been gaining tremendous traction as the marketing world is racing for the next, amazing advertisement that goes viral. Who can blame the event industry especially with the amount of fun that goes into it. This post is dedicated to the top 19 blogs in the experiential marketing industry.

Top 19 Experiential Blogs

  1. Event Manager Blog – Started in 2007 by Julius Solaris, Event Manager Blog is the 1st event marketing industry resource for event professionals around the world. 
  2. Hotcow – Hotcow was founded in 2006. It’s an award winning, full service, event & experiential marketing agency based out of London Surprisingly Different.
  3. Event Marketer – Founded in 2002, “to serve the information needs of strategic brand-side event marketers and agency executives across the spectrum of face-to-face marketing including mobile marketing, mall marketing, street events, trade shows, corporate events, proprietary events, virtual events, buzz marketing, public relations campaigns, sponsorships, b2b events, and press events.”
  4. The Social M’s – Content, Social, and Online Marketing Blog. Founded by Jonathan and Susanna Gebauer, siblings, they are well established social media marketing Rockstars.
  5. Factory 360 – “Our process is what makes us unique.” With offices in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and sights set globally, 360 always is ahead of the pack innovating, moving, and shaking.
  6. Hubspot – “Your Daily Dose of Inbound.” Inbound is everywhere. An idea in the moment has sparked a global movement. And we’re just getting started. Hubspot started in 2004 where MIT grad students formed what we call Hubspot.
  7. Bizzabo – We believe in people. Bizzabo is an All-in-One event success platform. Own your event. Create unforgettable experiences. Event specialists.
  8. Cvent – Transforming Meetings and Events Through Technology.
  9. Eventbrite – One-stop shop for hosting an event. “Bring your event to life.”
  10. E2ma – National, not-for-profit association breaking into the trade show industry.
  11. Buffer – Buffer + Transparency. “We try our best to live up to our value of “Default to Transparency.”
  12. Nimlok Trade Show Marketing –  Chicago-based, One-Stop-Shop for everything displays. Show  Founded in 1970, Nimlok is a division of Orbus Exhibit & Display Group.
  13. Trade Show Guy Blog – Tradeshowguy. Or Tim Patterson. Top exhibit company.
  14. Seth Godin – Best-selling author. Marketing guru
  15. BizBash – BizBash is an event marketing industry, news, ideas, and resources.
  16. Techsytalk – The only event tech webinar in the event marketing industry. A Liz King Events Production. Community & Education for Planners, by Planners.
  17. Velvet Chainsaw – Velvet Chainsaw Consulting (VCC). Helping improves annual meetings, conferences, and education. Justice League for Conferences.
  18. Good Guys Do Finish First – It’s more than just a gig. Founded by Robert Adams, Good Guys is an experiential marketing resource with hopes set on global domination.
  19. Josh Simi – Josh Simi yea buddy. I’m very passionate about the event industry and want to see it continue to thrive. New interests are learning social media marketing & content marketing. Even blogging is new but I love it right now. My all-time, favorite hobbies are playing chess and swimming. My USCF Chess rating last time I checked was an 1850 blitz rating.
Blogging quote
“A blog is only interesting as the interest shown in others.” – by Lee Odden

Event Blogs

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There are many amazing blogs, video blogs, webinars, live videos, and everything in between. In this day and age, humans are extremely busy, so finding an ideal blog with informative information can easily seem like a daunting task. Well here are 19 marketing blogs that are phenomenal. Now I can’t assure you that I read all the content from all 19 blogs, but if I had to, these would be the ones. What are some blogs you would recommend? Comment below so we can make this list 25 instead of 19.

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Twitter Analytics For Beginners

Twitter Statistics 

Twitter Analytics are very helpful once I actually took the time to figure it out and use it to my benefit. You can see the statistics for the last year or even the last month. This helps you be able to see what you’re doing right or wrong and change it up. Hopefully, this post will help you do the same, and the beauty is, I already did all the hard part, so take heed. Follow me on Twitter as well; my username is @experientialinc.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics in conjunction with Buffer is a very handy tool. It makes it very easy to understand what is really going on with your Twitter account. Some of the things it will help you with are:

  1. Followers. You can see how many followers you have, and exactly who, what, where, and when they started following you. You can see if you social media strategy is on point by seeing if you are obtaining more or fewer followers.
  2. Interactions with your tweets. With the new SEO, we want more engagement, and you can even see a lot of companies putting entire divisions to help answer questions on social media now.
  3. The number of impressions. Numer of times that post was seen. Impressions are how many times that content was looked at. You want more impressions obviously. The more your content was looked at, the more potential it has.
  4. Traffic to your website. Knowing how many people went to your website will help you make content that directs people to wherever you want them to go.
  5. Conversions. Conversions are how many people did an action that you choose.
  6. Your follower’s interests. You can track to see what category your followers are most interested in to see if you should change your content or change up your followers.
  7. The locale of your audience. You can see where your audience is from so you can narrow down your target audience. If you only sell in a specific state like Nevada for example, you only want to reach people from that state.
  8. Engagement. Engagement is interaction from a follower whether it is a like, a follow, or a share. The engagement rate is the % per tweet.
  9. Mentions. With the new Search Engine Optimization, you want to engage with the consumers more. Google wants you to interact more.
  10. Look for patterns. The more you start looking at your analytics, the more it all makes sense. After some time now, you will be able to implement your analytics with your social media plan.


140 characters yeeeehaw. Twitter Analytics was designed for the user and to help us see what areas we need to improve on. If you don’t have a good strategy to start with, then looking at the analytics will not help. Check out my post on Twitter for some helpful tips on growing with Twitter. Anyways, I hope this helped, and please comment below if I left anything out or you would like to add something.
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7 Tips to Build a Business While Working a Day Job

Starting a Business

It’s the American Dream. Own a house with a white picket fence, a couple of kids, and owning a business. Leaving a 9 to 5 for one’s passion sounds amazing. What about staying at the job, and starting a business? Many people have to continue to work at their regular jobs while starting their entrepreneurial journey of business ownership. Talk about a stressful time. Well, below are 7 steps for starting a business while working a job, hopefully, they help and like #6 says, stay positive and don’t give up.

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7 Tips for Starting a Business

Nobody said your goal of having a multi-million dollar empire isn’t going to be an easy one. Especially working a full-time job already.employee to entrepreneur is crucial. This seems like a hard place an entrepreneur can be but with a strong Why, following these tips, and by creating a strong mastermind group, you should be alright. Here are 7 actions steps while you are on your journey to business success. Good luck!

1. Research. Making a plan is always the first goal but before that I believe knowing yourself, and exactly where and why you want to go the direction you do is important. Researching as much as possible in the beginning is vital to understand everything you need to know. Knowing your industry, the competitors, your peers, who your target audience is, your customers, research on past business and how they have done, and anything else. The more you know, the better off you will be. Start thinking of what is driving you to start this business. Connecting with your Why is the most important first step you can take.

2. Why. Commit yourself to your dream. Have a reason for starting your business. Many times this may be one’s children, someone’s family, or something personal. It is your Why that is extremely important. What drives you? When you commit to your dream, you are making a binding obligation to see it through to the bitter end. Some people are motivated by love, some people by money, and some by jealousy and hatred. Whatever your reason, knowing what motivates and drives you is what will keep you focused and committed to your dream when times get difficult.

3. Where is the business going? Create a personal vision for your business. Where will the business be in 5 years, what value do you offer your customers, who are your customers.
Think about what you want in your business a year from now and write it down. Be very specific and detailed. Describe in great detail in the present tense your ideal day, what activities you engage in, who your customers/clients are, how many customers/clients you have and what your monthly income is. This part is important, by reading your vision aloud, its turns this thought into a thing. Your business becomes tangible.

4. Network. Join a group. This may be uncomfortable at first but will be worth it. I love this one. My favorite author is Napoleon Hill who says this every book. A mastermind group is a mentoring group that meets regularly to support each other, brainstorm ideas and share advice and work through challenges together. A group like this is great for helping you remain accountable. You do not have to go in person but it does help. Start by finding a telephone conference or an internet type meeting where you do not have to worry about the embarrassment or what not. When you get to the point where you feel at ease, then take the next step and go to a live event.

5. Development and/or learning.
Do not stop learning. There is too much to learn and many trades that can be beneficial for anyone to learn. Constantly work on personal development by listening to audio CDs of inspirational things. You could even learn a language. Think about all the time people spend inside of their vehicle, now imagine all that time spent learning a new language. This time, adds up. A 30-minute commute one way, with a full-time job, amounts to 260 hours in a year which would easily add up to a semester in college. Research and study anything you can find that is pertinent to your business. With the internet today, there is so much to learn online.

6. Remain positive.
Do not get discouraged and remember the long-term goal here. Also, by remaining positive, it keeps positivity close to you. Negativity breeds negativity. Bad things are energy draining.

7. Set goals and remain determined. Start off with daily goals and work your way to longer, possibly year long goals. Take small steps each day toward your goal. There is going to be tuff times, but remember your Why and stay strong. The tedious steps in the beginning will soon disappear, especially when the time comes to start your business. Each small steps gets the body used to doing this as it becomes 2nd nature. Also, remain vigilant in your progress towards your Why.


Business Conclusion 

Creating a business will be an exciting task and one I hope everyone succeeds at. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as succeeding your way to the top. Many people throughout history are prime examples of failing their way to the top. Look at Donald Trump for example. He has filed bankruptcy many times and is possibly the next President of the United States.Learn from your mistakes, and hopefully from others as well. Especially if you are already working a 9-5, or any full-time job while starting your own venture, just be sure to balance the tasks at hand and do not be afraid to ask for help.


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Event Planning Business

You Want to Start an Event Planning Business?

Event planning

Event planning is the process of managing a project such as a meeting, tradeshow, get together, ceremony, a team building activity, party, convention, and conferences. Event planning is establishing the plan, budgeting, establishing the timeline, booking the venue, obtaining any necessary permits, catering (food and beverage), developing the theme, speakers, arranging transportation for the group, facilities, managing risk, and making a contingency plan or backup plan. The planning phase also includes solving any problems that may arise and hopefully before any occur.

A strong event planner can multitask, handle multiple tasks at the same time, problem solve, be organized, have exceptionally personable skills, can delegate in an efficient and professional manner, remain current in the event marketing industry laws throughout the country, read body language well, make a contingency plan if needed, and predict potential problem that may occur.

Event planning, event marketing, and experiential marketing is mostly an exciting career. Constant change keeps us busy, attending many fun events is cool, and making our own schedule is awesome as well. Event planners assist a range of customers by planning, organizing, and generally facilitating medium- and large-sized events. Events can range from weddings to corporate gatherings, to large family reunions. Event planners are often tasked with providing travel and lodging accommodations for guests in addition to coordinating the event itself. An event planning business can be highly profitable, and the startup expenses can be surprisingly low. Many event planning companies have failed as well.

Business Licenses

Nevada has different laws than other states so depending on where you are from, check with your local registrar. As with most businesses, you will need to register your business name in your state and obtain any business licenses required at the state and local level. If you plan to employ anyone, workers’ compensation insurance is a must. General liability insurance is vital as well because you and your staff will be responsible for setting up physical spaces at events. Lawyers here can  be helpful yet expensive. Here are the basics and some of the pitfalls you may encounter as a new event planner.

Marketing Needs

Marketing budgets vary greatly especially in the early stages of business. Depending on your goals, put aside a significant amount, purchase ads and track the results to make sure you get the most value for your money. Business cards, pamphlets, brochures, and other forms of marketing are needed to advertise and reach your target audience. Invest in premium advertisements in phone books and other searchable resources.


Relationships and bridges you have built will play a key role in your marketing. “Your network is your net worth,” they say. Some businesses can trade your services instead of paying for advertising which could be mutually beneficial.


Event  planning businesses can be very exciting in the early stages. Do not fret the small stuff. As the business owner, consider handling accounting duties, tax preparation, hiring and firing, recruiting and other administrative activities yourself until the business is consistently profitable.

Startup Fun

Jump into the fire! Get involved in your niche. If it’s event marketing, start applying for some promo jobs. Take some event management classes.

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They say to have about 3 months of expenses covered which includes rent, lighting, electricity, and any other overhead you have.

Mark Twain Quote


Some interesting event marketing statistics are:

  1. The average planner manages 37 events each year.
  2. Over 100,000 meeting planners are employed in the U.S.—and the industry is growing faster than the average across growth rate of all other industries.
  3. Washington D.C. has the highest concentration of event planners in the US.
  4. The average planner spends over 100 hours each year on site visits alone.
  5. 61% of planners still record information primarily with pen and paper.
  6. 50% of planners said the primary way they source events is online.

Starting an event planning or event marketing company may seem easy but it is harder than it looks, and to be honest, you’re really heading towards an uphill battle. I truly hope you are successful, but those are the stats. Would it stop me from starting a company if that was my goal, absolutely not! The most important thing any business owner can do is research. Find out all the possible information you can on your niche. This will also help you become an expert in your field. See what your competitors are doing, and do better. The game plan or strategy is the most important step you can make I’m starting your own business.


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